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We warmly welcome new PhD students to join us. You will get both an extensive research experience being involved in the international projects we are doing in collaboration with our colleagues worldwide, as well as you will have possibility to attend various PhD courses related to our research. We are young and well-developing research team and you will get much fun once you join us. Our students also tend to attend international conferences and visit international research centers by mean of our Double degree PhD programs. 

The list of PhD defences (2016-2021)

1) EVGENIA KOVALEVA. Theoretical investigation of contact-induced phenomena in composite materials containing fullerenes and nanotubes deposited on ferromagnetic substrates. 29th November 2016. 

2) MAXIM PYATNOV. Spectral and Polarization Properties of Photonic Cholesteric Liquid Crystals with Defects of Structure. 14th November 2017.

3) NINA IGNATOVA. Multimode resonant inelastic X-ray scattering of free molecules. 11th June 2018. 

4) VADIM ZAKOMIRNYI. Multicomponent resonant nanostructures: plasmonic and photothermal effects. 19th December 2019.

5) VICTORIA SAVCHENKO. Multidimensional nuclear dynamics studied by resonant X-ray scattering and pump-probe spectroscopy. 10th June, 2021

6) ARTEM KOSTYUKOV. Optical and mechanical methods for the therapy of malignant neoplasms using plasmonic and magnetite nanoparticles functionalized with aptamers. 16 February, 2024.